Affordable Home Ideas

Not everyone has a cushy job that enables them to handle the thousand-dollar plus mortgages that come with buying a home now-a-days. It’s crazy to think that around a half-a-century ago, people were able to buy a brand spanking new home for a mere $4,500. Of course, even if that was a year’s salary back then, still… how much of a house can YOU buy for your year’s salary? If you’re like me… the answer is not much.

So, the reason for this website. I’m enamored by all the various options out there for alternative or low-cost or cheap housing. There’s a lot of methods, ranging from buying and fixing up, to building from scratch, to being smart and buying new using creativity and good financing options.

Some of the methods out there range from what I consider to be a bit hokey-pokey (I don’t really want to build a raft out of plastic water bottles and float on the ocean) to the really cool but rather unfeasible for the average layman (coped log cabin, anyone?).

So… the goal here is for me to collect my own thoughts and to provide relevant options that I would personally consider (or maybe more importantly, that I might could talk my wife into considering :).

Everyone’s input is welcome. My goal is to make this a valuable resource for anyone traveling down a similar hunt for good alternative housing options. Feel free to contact me and provide your thoughts and help or resources!


Joshua Jantz