Remodel and Refurbish

This is where we can explore all the options related to buying pre-existing structures, and economically/affordably remodel and refurbish and otherwise re-invigorate them into something we can be proud to call home!

A very common place to turn for fixer-uppers.

Public auction. Government auction. And more! Usually there’s going to be things that need fixing!

Tax Lien
It’s crazy that people lose properties for failing to pay property taxes. But it happens. Sometimes those properties are definitely worth having! Often they are sold via the auction format, but not always.

Mobile Homes
These can often be purchased for as low as a couple thousand dollars. Yes, they can be renovated! The basic idea (for the cheapest starting option) is to purche a healthy frame and roof. The inside can be nasty because you are going to completely gut and start all over.