Build Your Own Home Ideas

Here my goal is to explore all the various options for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) crowd. I have to admit, this area really appeals to me. There’s just something fun about the idea that you can build something and live in it! I enjoy the idea of the process of putting things together and having new adventures doing something that I’ve never done before. Having said that, often I end up biting on a whole lot more than I can chew!

So… for all the brave and adventurous amongst us, let’s have fun, throw caution to the wind (after all, we’ll be saving money, right?) and explore this further!

Log Cabin
This is probably my favorite. There’s lots of different methods, but if you stick to the easiest ones, I think this is one of the more affordable ways to go (assuming the right circumstances), and I really think the finished aesthetics are among the best of the options for the DIY crowd.

Not one of my favorites in terms of aesthetics, but it seems to be functional and could potentially overcome the limitations of not having a good supply of tall straight logs to work with.

Feasible for just about any able-bodied person. Straw is commonly available. Can be nice looking aesthetically if you are okay with the stucco look.

There’s definitely a ready supply of trashed tires around. But it seems like maybe this method is a lot harder to pull off an aesthetically pleasing home.

Sandbags or other similar approaches to using the dirt of your land to form your home.

Insulated concrete forms, and other methods. Not always the least expensive, or lay-man ready way to build a home.

And then there was… all the methods I’m not really interested in learning more about, but they are still out there. Such as:
~ Bottles and CansĀ (plastic, glass, and other)