So, you’ve figured out what kind of affordable home you are going to build… or buy… but where? A lot of the methods talked about on this site require land. Some of these methods are hard to do inside city limits, because, although they are very safe (if done properly), the city inspectors just don’t like them. Or maybe zoning laws prohibit them (because the city rulers decided they didn’t like them also). So… what do you do?

Let’s explore all the creative ways to acquire affordable land.

Free Land
Getting land for free is pretty cool if you can pull this one off. First, you’ll probably have to give up any choice as to “where.” Picky beggars are not well liked, and probably won’t get what they desire. Although a lot of free land deals may come from people you know (i.e., a family member/relative/friend), there are also ways to talk pure strangers out of their land. Maybe they don’t need or use it, and are tired of paying the yearly property taxes. Who knows? Well, hopefully we will after we finish compiling all the ways and tricks to getting this one accomplished!

Good quality / low cost land
Free isn’t always as good as it’s cracked up to be. Nor is blighted property. And if you’re not wanting to become an investing guru, tax bargains may not be the best route to go either. So what’s left? Try this route for being creative and thinking outside of the box to get great deals on nice land.

:: Getting Quailty Land Cheaply

Tax Liens/Auctions
Similar to the housing methods, people don’t or can’t pay their property taxes and thus you end up getting the whole piece of land for a song. If done properly. It takes patience, perseverance, but can and has been done.

Low Valued
A lot of land is hard to sell or has a lower value because of some blighted building or other value degrading issue involved. If you’re willing to put up with the hassles of dealing with or removing the reason for the blight, this could be a way to get some land for a discounted price.

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